Monday, February 23, 2009

Who are we...

Now here is something that can be debated: are we this spiritual, mental being? or are we this carbon, physical being? or both??

My road has seen many turns - yesterday my thought was this Buddhist "one with nature" thing. Our bodies and minds working in harmony creating the unique being - who we are.

Today I'm not sure anymore - my mental spirit is "spot on" as strong as ever. Will be sitting down and someone comes up and says "you look great" (my favorite come back - "never had any problem looking good" :) - it's those moments that almost allow me to forget, until it's time to move.

Then with all my abilities mental and physical try to move a part of my body, to no avail - just won't work. That's reality, that's when I question this harmonious partnership between mind and body.

At this point though - my thoughts go to my body which has always been the best tool I've ever owned. It has carried me in fine fashion all my life and has taken me miles down this road today. It won't give up - like, like "it's just a flesh wound" had to put that in "what are you going to do bleed on me"??

So, "who are we"?? Today I'm a spiritual, mental, carbon, physical being blessed to have another day!! all the while still searching...

Peace/Love T

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