Monday, February 2, 2009

Live Music...

Luv music, luv live music and enjoy seeing out of the box musicians. This group called themselves "God's Favorite Beefcake" they are totally entertaining!! All the songs were original, a bit dark but original - combine that with playing a "saw", steel guitar, washboard, violin, and other various instruments - a great show.

Also, we were entertained by sword swallowing, 8" nail spike hammered into his nasal cavity and last but not least a fork stuck into his nasal cavity. You wanted not to watch, scream and turn your head away but for some sadistic reason - could not take you eyes off the show!!!

Combine this with the venue of "Official Bad Art Museum of Art" located in the "Cafe Racer" and you have a perfect evening of entertainment. The bad art is exactly that - paint by numbers, 7th grade projects, velvet pictures and everything in between.

After all this and "GFB" finished it was time for open microphone - the music never stopped flowing and originality was required.

Wonderful people, open arms atmosphere, complete enjoyment...


workie said...

Nice photo, Terry, but I don't remember that MiniMe was playing the guitar?!
Good to see you... good friends, music and beer, always a good combo!


Art said...

Radical! You know I've got to visit "The Museum of Bad Art"!


Marlow Harris said...

Terry, I'm so glad we got to spend some time together. That was a hoot! I love you.

-- Marlow