Thursday, February 5, 2009

Way to go Einstein...

Remember those, those great one liners giving each other a bad time? Just thinking though "way to go Einstein" really is a complement - couple others are "no s--- sherlock" and an old fav "smooth move exlax"... well guess you would have to be there to get it...

That reminds me - my son had some of his friends over sitting at the table and they were just talking enjoying themselves I was in the kitchen too listening - you know the "old guy" trying to not get noticed.

They started complaining about something, nothing really, totally insignificant and of course couldn't keep quiet said "that's just Tough Titty!!!" The look on those boys face's was priceless - first why was I even participating, second what the heck does "TT" mean??

Your kidding me you never heard that before - I exclaimed?? They were shaking their heads, shrugging their shoulders and laughing out loud. Suddenly realizing that "TT" is really old school and an Okanogan saying the boys would not have known the meaning.

You know you missed the mark when you need to explain what you mean/say although when one of the boys is around the "TT" comment gets thrown out with laughs and smiles always to be remembered.

It's these moments, these chance comments that we will paint pictures for us to cherish... There is another story with "OG" - that's for another time.

Peace/Love T

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