Monday, February 9, 2009


Fell Friday after a great evening with Pam, yelled and laughed - enjoyed the rest of the weekend with friends. Went to a ALS support group today and even with good intentions walked away with a clear picture of truth.

Have been working hard to stay positive for anyone who reads this, so you want to come back - well today will be different, today will be truth.

Since falling Friday the realization of the illness has set in. As much as you want to think it's OK - it's not. My right side which has been carrying me is going and it may seem fast but I have been able to make it this far by adapting and using all my physical and mental strength. Going to the meeting we talk about reality, the inevitability of this illness and it hits home.

We had discussions like these: have your emergency papers in order, body lifts for someone to move you, hot spots while laying, feeding tubes, no movement, and a host of others.

With the changes the next topics will be "share the care" a book written to help those with tough illnesses. The support has been unbelievable but the support tomorrow will be even more important. This is a huge challenge for me and anyone who knows me but by working together we all can get through this and minimize the hurt.

Truth is - this is a tough draw and your help and support have been instrumental in keeping the positive attitude.

Take from this a reality check, take from this hope, take from this we are better for knowing each other - take from this "the truth"...

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Lynn said...

Terry, I applaud you for writing about your life w/this disease. You are very courageous for exposing yourself, your feelings on life and the dooming reality that we all die just in different variations. I'm a frequent reader of your blog with a supply of tissue nearby. Whats compelling about your story is we don't know many people who have gone through this and are willing to put themselves "out there" and it makes us want to do something, reach out, be a better person. Since my heart surgery I realize how much my family and friends mean to me. Life is short and fleeting so we make an impact while we can and act on our impulses to do the right thing. These are not words of wisdom for you - you are way ahead of me Terry - probably always were. Lynn Weaver-Juchmes