Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What a rush...

Now these words can take on many meanings but today they fit into the adrenalin category!!

We are lucky to have good friends but sometimes you need to use "good friend" carefully especially if they tried to put you in an early grave - not really but at the time, it seemed ending six feet under was a possibility. Guess thinking back I've been that "good friend" on occasion too...

We were at Banks Lake boating and my friend said "lets go jump off a rock" replying "no problem" we started off to the jump. Now we get there by boat and my "friend" says there it is - looking up at this cliff, thinking you have to be kidding... well not!!

Jumping in the lake from the boat we swam to the shore and started climbing up. On the way up my "friend" says "if you don't want to jump we can hike back down" - OK least there is an option. Just before we get to the top scrambling all the way I look at him and say "there is no going back is there"? Looking back all he had was this sinister smile, he needed to say nothing.

Once we get to the top - you must understand everything is bigger once you get to the top and look down - this jump is going to be well over 40 feet - a true pucker up. I looked over once stepped back looked at my "friend" said a couple choice words and ran off - realizing if I stayed and thought about it the harder it would be.

Down, down, down felt like an eternity, wind rushing by - then Boom - bubbles every where, stopping just before the dark water - thinking, just want to take a breath (little detail) see the light of the sky, kicked, popped up, took a deep breath, feeling pretty darn exhilarated my "friend" pops up next to me and with that same sinister smile says - "What a Rush"...

The beauty of this story is over the years since then my whole family and other friends have jumped off perfectly fine rocks - many hoots!!!

Peace/Love T

"My friend" -- "DP"

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