Thursday, February 12, 2009

Silver lining...

For me it's not only the generosity from many (which has been wonderful) but "re-connecting" with friends you have drifted from. We drift apart for many reasons family grows, move away, jobs, personal challenges and a host of other changes.

Then what happens is we feel we are different or they (friends, family) have changed and we won't have anything in common. If we sift through time what we really find is - we are the same and we can pick up right where we left off.

Sometimes though it takes stepping out of our comfort zones to take a risk, the risk that there is not any connection today - that's OK. We aren't looking for best friends but looking to see how you are doing?, what you have been up to? very sincere... Now there could be a dinner date here and you could rekindle an old relationship - nothing but good things could come from this.

So what's the point!! there has to be a friend, family member someone you made a connection with that would thoroughly enjoy hearing from you.

Our lives have taken us down many different paths/roads some of which will lead us to our "silver lining" - if we give it a chance...

Peace/Love T

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