Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Respiratory Failure...would not recommend this for anyone. On Thursday, this is just what happened and it was like drowning but not being in water. There were times, that resembled all the ambulance scenes you've ever seen. It got bad enough if someone would have asked do you want to end it all here, I would have said yes. Fortunately, they were able to stabilize me and get my breathing under control - to live another day. Today I am back home working on getting my strength back. For all those who have sent their thoughts and prayers, we have felt them and they have helped tremendously.

Peace Love T

Hurricane Ridge

Wanting to make it to the mountains, we went for an adventure to Hurricane Ridge. Crossing the sound on the ferry was very peaceful and calm. The day was beautiful, a record setting temperature. On the way up the road was windy and steep if you made the wrong turn. Once arriving at the summit, the sun was warm and the view incredible. We ate lunch and I took my chair "six wheeling" on trails throughout the area. It was a wonderful time with family, and we headed down to have dinner at Port Townsend. A fantastic time for all.

Ice Caves

We made a great day out of going to the Ice Caves just past Granite Falls. The trail was well traveled and I made it almost to the caves but had to stop just short. Mitchell and Bradley made it to the caves and got a cool shower inside of melting ice water.