Wednesday, March 4, 2009


We read, we learn, we listen, we take in information all our lives - store it for everyday use.

Sometimes we learn new definitions for words we never thought would apply. Here goes this "hope vs. reality" thing again - I hope things stop progressing but reality dictates something different.

The words transfer, lifts, ramps, power chairs, belts, caregiver along with a host of others take on a whole new meaning. Who thought using the word - transfer (to another chair) using a lift belt (around my mid section for leverage) would be words used to describe my daily activities - but it does.

It's interesting because things are really pretty good given the circumstances, we make the most of it. If the chair is too low I need help to get up, so my need for help is daily. We have been able to get out most everyday which is very enjoyable. Not able to walk around but just to get out is great.

Now you may think "how terrible" but like most things it is your attitude and perception that allow us to make the most of every situation.

Taking these words applying pertinent definitions creates a new "vocabulary" of witch takes fortitude and love to keep moving on...

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