Monday, March 2, 2009


We have had the pleasure of many great holidays this is a particularly grand one!! It's amazing what is available in our own back yards.

This is Lake Roosevelt - we had a boat to fish, a power boat to ski and of course a houseboat on which to play. Daryl had scouted this spot out and at first glance was nothing but as we got closer this beautiful bay opened up perfect for all the boats.

What was great about this week was different groups came and went while we stayed. We hiked, water skied, ate, drank, played domino's, went to a casino, fished, swam, and enjoyed everyone's company.

If you were to hot the slide off the back of the boat provided a refreshing plunge - one thing was: make sure there was water on the slide - can you say slide burn. Sitting on top in the evening as the sun was going down - was particularly soothing.

A relaxing time by all no cell phone service just peace and wonderful company - a great Holiday...

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Bradley Barham said...

That was one HOT week that gave me one hell of a sun burn, thank God for Aloe vera! It was a great vacatin with close friends and family.