Friday, December 5, 2008


A day, a week, a month we go through time busy thinking of everything we have to do, didn't do not realizing what we say or what we hear can have great impact.

For me life is about moments not necessarily the event like a vacation, a function but the moments inside these actions that we capture and remember - you never know when or where.

For example: have a great mechanic who has done good, fair work for us on our vehicles - about 6 months ago we were getting the oil changed and it had been 6 months since the last time we saw each other. He looked at me limping and asked what's going on? well (my favorite topic) said nothing "I'm hurt" left the cars and went away. Wondering what to say when we pick up the car just kind of let it go thinking wouldn't say anything. Got to the shop he told me the amount handed me the invoice to sign, now this is hard, to hold down the paper I pick my left arm up and flop it down like a paper weight - he says nothing, very polite.

Feeling a bit frustrated looked at him and said "my body is shutting down on me" without hesitation, very sincere he shrugged his shoulders tilted his head ever so slightly and said "What are you going to do" at that point smiled and just said - absolutely...

After leaving driving back started to think about that "what are you going to do" pretty simple really you can fold, be angry, cry, make life miserable - that action would not be questioned!! Or embrace what we do have, be positive, make life better, laugh!!

You would think that with these two options it would be an easy decision - that's where it gets tough. It's actually easier with less consequences to say "forget it" - it takes courage to say I will be the best possible.

Guess with all of this there is only one thing to say "What are you going to do"???

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Art said...

I commit myself to following your tremendous example in dealing with adversity.