Friday, December 19, 2008

Garage sale review...

Two words describe the GS "Huge Success"!!

You would think that money raised is the only criteria for success but what happened, and I feel surprised everyone, the GS reached many more in the community than anticipated.

The GS took place at Coldwell Banker Bain garage which holds 20+ cars and was full, no packed, no overflowing with donations. The generosity was tremendous, the items included hand made crafts, electronics, air hockey table, new bicycle, and everything in between.

After spending a number of hours at the GS over the weekend there were many moments that come to mind but my most memorable is: "Backhoe" yes that's right Backhoe..

We were siting near the check out area and a man walked in and put his bags near the entrance, as if that is a common request of him, he proceeded directly to the clothing, truly excited. Asking how much for a pair of dress pants ($1.00) he was even more excited. There was a chair near him that was quickly piling up full of clothes. This man was a simple man but very sincere he stood in front of me talking about the fine purchases - very pleased. Our topic changed we started talking about how strong he was and how hard he could work, at that moment with a confident smile he said "they call me "Backhoe" because of how hard I work" it was a great comment. What makes this moment even better without any encouragement he started helping clean and move items in from the outside. Once done he put on his new sweat shirt grabbed his things and ventured down the street - he had 5-6 items all for less than $5.00 walking away happy and warm, what a success.

This is just one moment - you could tell that many others were shopping for necessities and going away with a smile.

We will be able to use the money for many unexpected expenses as well as the anticipated ones. It's this "Hope vs Reality thing my least favorite topic is my health but sometimes we can't avoid hard topics.

There are not enough words to express our gratitude for all the time, effort, donations and yes tears that went into making this GS a huge success - not just for us but for our community too...

Peace/Love T

Any other moments stand out??

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