Saturday, October 24, 2009

Orange Juice...

Remember getting fresh, ripe, beautiful oranges in the smell was fragrant and sweet. You would take out this spherical pointed kitchen utility tool that you made orange juice with.

This really dates me, because today you just stick it in a blender and push a button.

Back to the story, when we made orange juice this way. We cut the oranges in half, grabbed them and twisted back and forth on this sphere, getting every drop of juice from this fruit.

In telling this story, it is not far from how my body is working. Everyday that we get up, I am extracting every drop of juice from this body. Some may look at this and say how poor your body has failed but for me my body has carried me much further then anyone else in the same situation.

So next time, you have a drink of O.J. just think it will be good to the last drop.

Peace Love T


Susan and Bill Bonnell said...

and you can bet the next time we have orange juice, we will think, and speak, of YOU and your miraculous body AND spirit. love, us xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Both so sweet and nourishing! Love, Mary