Saturday, December 12, 2009

Glory Days...

Well football is a team sport and I have many great friends who played together, but hell this isn't about them it's all about me.

One of the best moments for me was the punting game when we played our arch rival Omak.

During the game all was going as planned and during the first punt we lined up in formation and as I scanned the field I noticed that the Omak receivers were very close. Not really thinking much of it, the center snapped the ball to me and I kicked the ball and just rocked it. The receivers had to run back to recover the ball.

As the game went on the score was still tight and we punted frequently. What was really entertaining in my mind was during my punts you could actually hear the crowd stop to watch. Because during this game those punts were spiral and cruising. On another punt the receivers backed up a bit and I still kicked it over their heads.

The last punt I remember we were about the 10 yard line as usual as the huddle broke I scanned the field to see where the kick was going but this time the receivers had to be all the way back to their own 10 yard line - I still laugh at this today.

Although this story was about my punting, the friendships we still have from us all on our football team is as close as it was then.

Peace, love



Anonymous said...

I am loving that picture of you, Terry! What a great shot!

Brian said...

What Terry failed to mention was that he was a helluva lineman too. Offensive and Defense. Could throw the ball too. I recall a few fake punts that he pulled off perfectly. Great memories forever.

Lauren said...

I tried to e-mail you cryastal mountain pictures but Pam and your e-mail wouldn't accept it. Maybe I don't have the correct e-mail. I'll bring my computer over to show you pictures.

I love you,