Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Day...

Living and dealing with AlS has been extremely difficult but has opened up many opportunities for us to be thankful

One of the best lines inside the essay is "Terry will not let the disease (ALS) define his life," wow...what a powerful statement. How easy is it to ask the question "Why me?" If we do that then in fact the disease will win and that is not an option.

What we really need to do is be able to love ourselves, and once we do that, we will be able to move from the state of mind, "I and me," to "us and we." Doing this allows us to strip back the ugliness of this disease uncovering the beauty inside.

During this journey I have been blessed by probing deeper into conversation, touching lives, and sharing stories with so many different people, reaching a more intimate level with them then you can imagine.

Let's take these words and think about how blessed we all are, for everything big and small, let's tell those people we care about we love them and give them a hug. Always remember those moments and memories that make us smile - hoping you had a great Thanksgiving Day.
Peace Love

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