Friday, May 15, 2009


We have been fortunate spending quality time together as a family. Camping has always been a favorite particularly boat camping on Lake Chelan.

On this adventure we stopped at Safety Harbour to pitch our tent. The beauty of boat camping, during the week, nobody else is around.

The boys were young 5 and 7 but with a fire and marsh mellows everyone is entertained. As the sun set, the darkness surrounded us - we put out the fire and crawled into the tent going fast to sleep from a big day.

Sometime during the night nature was calling - unzipping the tent stepping out into the darkness there was this illumination that grabbed my curiosity.

I will always remember that moment... looking up - the stars were so bright, so clear it felt as if you could reach up, pick the one you wanted and put it in your pocket.

For me its these moments that define us, make us who we are if you will.

The night nature called allowing me to cherish forever the moment - with the stars...

Peace/Love T

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