Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To Be...

Sometimes I find myself thinking of my life, the lives of those around me trying to make sense of it all. Most of the day my life transcends forming "just to be"???

What does that mean? With the progression of the illness most of my body is being affected to the point I need help in most every aspect of living. This brings into context "just to be"... now, this is not a negative - it's more adaptation!!

Pam does everything from dressing me getting me ready for morning/night as well as all other aspects of a household - there are no words I can use to express my respect and love for her. As positive as you can be it wears on you - we are very fortunate to have support from family and friends.

Last weekend Pam was able to visit the boys at WSU for moms weekend and take a break from care giving - neither one of us ever imagined a challenge this tough.
The reason Pam was able to go - two friends baby sat me over the weekend and by the end of the weekend they both had a huge appreciation for what Pam does everyday.

As we roll down this path grasping all the moments we can, being thankful for what we have throwing in a laugh or two - allows me to embrace today "Just to be"...

Peace/Love T

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